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NordicWare Vertical Poultry Roaster

NordicWare Vertical Poultry Roaster
Item# 10123
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Product Description

Real rotisserie results in any oven!

    For Extra Moist and Tender Results

    The Nordic Ware Vertical Chicken Roasterie is a unique product for preparing rostisserie style chickens, ducks, corning game hens or other fowl in the oven or on the grill. The bottom of the cone transfers heat up inside the poultry, reducing cooking time by as much as 50% so that moisture loss is reduced.

    Simply season the poultry on the side as well as the outside and slide it into the upright cone. For the juiciest poultry, bake at 375F to 400F until done. A 3 pound chicken should take aproximately 45 minutes to reach an inside temperature of 180 degrees. Use a meat termometer to assure doneness. Potatoes and vegetables may be added around the base and cooked simultaneously for whole meal preparation.

  • NordicWare Vertical Poultry Roaster the vertical cone holds poultry upright for even roasting.
  • Drippings are collected in gray pan for basting.
  • Add vegetables amd potatoes to cook entire meal at once.
  • Non-stick has excellent heat retention and conduction.
  • 10in diameter by 5in high.

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